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2014 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium Recap Webcast

At the 2014 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium, we heard many interesting case studies and discussions revolving around this year’s event theme, “Defining & Delivering Customer Success”. This topic is of course critical for global organizations to re-evaluate given the evolving nature of how customers interact with, are supported by and the increasing demands being placed on the provider by the customer.

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 11:00am EST, we will host a webcast where we review the key takeaways from this year's event.

Analysis of case studies from leading Service & Customer Support Executives including:

  • overview
  • agenda
  • speakers
  • solution partners
  • venue
  • 2014 event presentations

The Service Council presents its annual Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts, April 8 through April 10, 2014 at the Hyatt Boston Harbor Hotel on Boston's waterfront. The Symposium provides an invaluable opportunity for service and customer management executives to:

  • Connect with industry peers and leaders in service and customer management
  • Learn from leading minds and experts in the service, customer experience, and customer management fields
  • Build and develop winning strategies through our hands on business improvement workshops
  • Improve financial and customer-facing results

Collaborate with executives from Dell, Johnson Controls, Ingersoll Rand, KONE Corporation, Safelite AutoGlass, Sears Holding Corporation - Home Services, Whirlpool Corporation, Farmers Insurance and more to solve key business challenges and develop a differentiated customer management strategy that focuses on internal alignment to deliver external value.

The conversation at the 2014 Symposium will feature hands on workshops around the following key themes and categories:

Customer Experience Management

  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • Customer Journey Mapping / Customer Experience Design
  • Voice of the Customer

Field Service Efficiency

  • Mobility
  • Integrating People and Parts
  • Outsourcing in the Field

Service Ready Workforce

  • Hiring and Training
  • Knowledge Management
  • Engagement

Service Revenue Growth

  • Service-Sales Collaboration
  • Big Data and New Service Development
  • Renewals and Contract Management

Service Supply Chain: Taking Service Global

  • Global vs. Local
  • Partner Management and Outsourcing
  • BRIC and Emerging Markets

Service Transformation

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Metrics for the Profit-Centric Enterprise

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Solution Partner

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Download the agenda (.PDF)

For service organizations success can’t just be tied to improved productivity or efficiency. Organizations need to take a stake in the success of their customers and therefore understand the impact that their operations have on the customer’s well being. More so, organizations need to understand the impact that they have on their customer’s customers.

With this central theme in mind, the three days of TSC’s Smarter Services Symposium will focus on:

Day 1: People
Day 2: Customer Strategy
Day 3: Innovation

And how these areas contribute effectively to the definition and delivery of customer success.

  • Day 1 - April 8, 2014 - "People"
  • Day 2 - April 9, 2014 - "Customer Strategy"
  • Day 3 - April 10, 2014 - "Innovation"
Event Registration (Smarter Services™ Zone Open)
Welcome Remarks
Speaker - John Carroll, CEO of The Service Council™
Keynote: "Creativeship and the Pillars to Prepare You for the Next Wave of Service Workers"
According to a UN World Population Aging report, “Population aging is unprecedented without parallel in the history of humanity. By 2050, the number of older persons (60 years +) will exceed the number of young for the first time in history.” While 2050 is a ways away, organizations are already beginning to feel the pinch of a changing workforce and need to plan and prepare for a younger demographic that has grown up with social, mobile and collaborative tool. This panel will debate how organizations take advantage of changing workforce dynamics.
Speaker: Bob Kelleher, President and Founder, Employee Engagement Group
"Talent Management: Finding and Developing Customer Success Ambassadors"
People are the most vital element in the service delivery equation. As the role of the service organization changes, do does the skillset and focus of the service workforce. Where does one find these customer success ambassadors? What sort of training materials are needed? This session will dig deeper into best practices around building a service ready workforce.
Speaker: James Mylett, Senior Vice President, Service, Comfort Systems USA
Coffee Break (Smarter Services™ Zone Open)
Panel: "Career and Leadership Paths for the Service Workforce"
Career paths in service are fairly non-existent. Field workers tend to remain in their roles for a majority of their careers, as do most call center employees. In this case, how does the profession of service and support recruit and retain the best talent? This session will provide examples of organizations that are developing career paths for front-line agents in order to improve employee engagement and retention.
Panelists: Cary Chapman, Fmr. National Field Service Manager, Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Chris Gera, Vice President, Field Service, Vivint Inc.
Troy Taylor, Fmr. Vice President, Technical Services and Automation Systems for Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson Company
Refreshment Break and Transition to Breakout Discussions
Roundtable Discussions (6 to choose from; see below)
Welcome Reception (Smarter Services™ Zone Open)


Round Table #1
"Customer Experience Management: Workforce Management for Today’s Customer Support Needs" 
Hosted by Lionbridge 
Facilitator: Julie Larsen, Vice President E-Services, EMC
Round Table #2
"Service Transformation: Strategies to Avoid Commoditization" 
Hosted by Etherios 
Facilitator: Ron Kaufman, Chairman and Founder, UP! Your Service
Round Table #3
"Service Revenue Growth: The Right Team to Renew and Grow" 
Hosted by ServiceMax 
Round Table #4
"Service Workforce Management: Incentives for the Service Workforce" 
Facilitators: Ed Klosterman, Director Field Service Operations, bioMerieux

                                             Karl Sharicz, Customer Experience Manager, SimplexGrinnell
Round Table #5
"Service Supply Chain: Impact of a Profit-Centric Service Model on Partners and the Global Service Ecosystem" 
Hosted by Genpact 
Facilitator: Ivin Smith, Vice President, Customer Service and Worldwide Technical Support, Pitney Bowes
Round Table #6
"Field Service: Training and Collaborating with Today’s Tools" 
Hosted by ClickSoftware 
Facilitator: Briana Colstad, Senior Business Performance Consultant, Alliant Energy
Registration (Smarter Services Zone Open; Breakfast served in the Smarter Services Zone)
Welcome Back
Speaker: John Carroll, CEO of The Service Council™
Keynote: "Defining & Delivering Customer Success"
Value delivered to customers is the true measure of service success. This requires a good understanding of the customer’s pain points, business objectives, and the hurdles that prevent customers from engaging with their own clients and prospects. With that in place, organizations can tailor, offer, and deliver solutions to their customers and be viewed as partners as opposed to transactional vendors.
Speaker: Ron Kaufman, Founder and Chairman, UP! Your Service.
"Case Studies In Failure: The Cost Of Recovery "
What happens when you don’t focus on customer success? What is the cost of failure and recovery when you don’t meet customer needs? This session will present a deeper look at the cost of digging out from a customer service letdown.
Speaker: Rusty Walther, Vice President, Global Escalation Management & Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard
Coffee Break and Transition to Breakout Rooms (Smarter Services™ Zone Open; see below)
Breakouts (Part I - Introduction)
Breakouts (Part II - Case Study Introduction and Parameters)
Breakouts (Part III - Groupwork [Working Lunch])
Breakouts (Part IV - Case Summary)
Networking and Meeting Break (Smarter Services Zone Open)
Use this time to connect with peers, our Smarter Services Solution partners, or with your emails. Recharge and return for the evening sessions and dinner.
Panel: "Personalizing Customer Experiences via Segmentation and Other Strategies"
TSC’s 2014 trends research shows that customer experience management is a top area of focus for organizations. Within the overall umbrella of CEM strategy, organizations are looking to make sense of the vast amounts of customer data to deliver unique and personalized experiences. This session will focus on the steps taken by organizations to create, deliver, and support personalized experiences and the benefits seen as a result.
Panelists: Rajiv Mehta, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronic America
Tim Spencer, Vice President, Customer Experience, WMS Gaming
"Selling in Service: A Debate"
Service agents, in the field or in the contact center, are viewed as trusted advisers. Does this position them ideally to sell? If so, how do we train and equip them with the tools necessary. If not, how can these agents still support revenue objectives without crossing the line.
Debaters: Wayne Dowty, Director, Service Americas, KONE, Inc.
Buddy Saucier, Vice President, Service and Security & Fire Operations, North America Building Efficiency
Refreshments Break (Smarter Services Zone Open)
Case Study Recaps
If you missed a case study, this is an opportunity to get caught up on the discussions that occurred in other breakout rooms.
Presenters: David Hicks, Ron Giuntini, Troy Taylor, Stephanie Mello, Pam Ostrowski, Rosemary Coates
Keynote: "Uncommon Service"
Organizations need a service model that allows everyday employees to produce service excellence as an everyday routine. Yet most organizations struggle to develop and design such a model and focus on service only when customer complaints creep up. As such exemplary service is uncommon. How can we make it more common?
Speaker: Professor Frances X. Frei, Senior Associate Dean, Director of Faculty Planning and Recruiting and UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management, Harvard Business School
Presenter: John Carroll, CEO of The Service Council™
Cocktails & Dinner


Breakout #1
"Customer Experience Management: Journey Mapping" 
Hosted by Lionbridge 
Moderator: David Hicks, CEO, Mulberry Consulting
Breakout #2
"Service Transformation: Service Becoming Prominent in your Company" 
Hosted by Etherios 
Moderators: Ron Giuntini, Giuntini and Company Inc.
                                             Toni Stansbury, Director and Product Manager, Sonifi
Breakout #3
"Service Revenue Growth: Building a Relationship between Service and Sales" 
Hosted by ServiceMax 
Moderator: Pam Ostrowski, CEO/President, Service Organization Strategies Inc.
Breakout #4
"Service Workforce Management: An Engaged Service Workforce" 
Moderator: Stephanie Mello, Vice President, The Employee Engagement Group
Breakout #5
"Service Supply Chain: Opportunities and Challenges in Global Expansion" 
Hosted by Genpact 
Moderator: Troy Taylor, Fmr. Vice President, Technical Services and Automation Systems for Ortho-Clinical
                                             Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company
Breakout #6
"Field Service: Mobility and the Delivery of Customer Value" 
Hosted by ClickSoftware 
Moderator: Rosemary Coates, President, Blue Silk Consulting
Registration (Smarter Services Zone Open; Breakfast served in the Smarter Services Zone)
Welcome Back
Speaker: Sumair Dutta, Chief Customer Officer of The Service Council™
Keynote: "Design Innovative Experiences to Differentiate"
Competition is the top challenge facing service organizations in 2014 as per TSC’s research. As a result, organizations need to rethink how service is delivered and what can be done to improve the customer experience. In this session we will investigate themes of service and customer experience design and how organizations can tap into innovation to become more responsive to changing customer expectations and needs.
Speaker: Anthony Pannozzo, Managing Principal, Research and Innovation, Continuum
"Understanding Customer Effort: Innovative Tools to Enhance Insight into Customer Preferences"
Organizations are looking to understand customer effort and tabulate a customer effort score to determine the ease with which customers can seek information and conduct business. In addition to this scoring system, organizations are also relying on myriad sources of service performance feedback in order to truly gauge their strength of service. This session will dive into tools and methodologies that can be used to capture, measure and understand customer insight with the aim of improving intimacy and boosting the customer experience.
Speaker: Mark Groveunder, Vice President, Customer Service, Acer
Coffee Break and Transition to Breakout Sessions (Smarter Services™ Zone Open; see below)
Breakouts (Part I - Panel Discussion on Breakout Topic)
Breakouts (Part II - Roundtable Discussion)
Transition to Main Ballroom
Panel: "Navigating Big Data and the Internet of Things"
We are all connected. Our resources are all connected and network-aware and therefore we have access to a greater amount of information and contextual data than ever before. Leveraging this data to become more customer-centric presents a significant opportunity, one that will be discussed and debated in this panel.
Panelists: Jeff Massey, Senior Director, Field Operations, STERIS Corporation; 
Patricia Rash, Vice President Customer Support Centers and Remote Technical Support Operations, Xerox Corporation
; Sherri McDaniel, President, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC.
Thank You
Speaker: John Carroll, CEO of The Service Council™
End of Symposium
Lunch Provided


Breakout #1
"Customer Experience Management: Using Voice of the Customer to Change Customer Experiences" 
Hosted by Lionbridge 
Panelists: Carrie Toth, Director of Customer Loyalty, Building Efficiency, North America, Johnson Controls Inc.
                                             Kellan Williams, Customer and Quality Analytics Manager, SafeliteGroup; 
Ron Kaufman, Founder and Chairman,
                                             UP! Your Service.
Breakout #2
"Service Transformation: Navigate the Future of Service by Understanding Changing Customer Behaviors"  
Hosted by Etherios 
Panelists: Ed Clifford, Director, Service Planning, Stryker Instruments; Frank DiOrio, Vice President, Service
                                             Operations, Pitney Bowes; Sherri McDaniel, President, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC.
Breakout #3
"Service Revenue Growth: New Services Development, Pricing and Support" 
Hosted by ServiceMax 
Panelists: Pam Ostrowski, Service Organization Strategies Inc.; 
Shahroz Olfat, Director, New Services and
                                             Enterprise Strategy, Sears Holding Corporatio
Breakout #4
"Service Workforce Management: Knowledge Management"
Breakout #5
"Service Supply Chain: Driving Innovation in Your Service Business in Emerging Markets" 
Hosted by Genpact 
Panelists: Len VanderHulst, Global Service Competence Center Leader, Mettler-Toledo
; Peter Polizzi, Vice
                                             President and General Manager, Global Services, Sonus Networks; 
Rosemary Coates, President, Blue Silk Consulting
Breakout #6
"Field Service: Big Data and Field Performance" 
Hosted by ClickSoftware 
Panelists: Carlos Anton, Director, Capacity Management and Analysis, Sears Holding Corporation; Chris Gera, Vice
                                             President, Field Service, Vivint Inc.; Sean Jordan, Service Director, BioTek Instruments

Keynote Speaker

Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures.

Rated one of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker Magazine, Ron presents powerful insights and global best practices from working with clients on every continent for more than twenty years. His energetic keynote speeches and workshops have inspired millions.

He is author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, “Uplifting Service! TheProven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet” and 14 other books on service, business and inspiration. Ron is also the founder of UP! Your Service, a company that enables leaders and organizations to build Uplifting Service cultures for sustainable advantage.

Ron’s experience and passionate commitment to results have been distilled into proven methods to help clients upgrade service performance and build strong service cultures. His unique approaches to learning and leadership have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Ron was invited to Asia in 1990 by Singapore Airlines and the government of Singapore to create and launch a national service quality training organization.

He is a graduate of Brown University, USA with studies in France, London and Berkeley, California. He is a professional member of the Author’s Guild, Global Speakers Federation and International Association of Learning Providers.

Ron resides in Singapore and travels widely to promote and realize a vision of “Our world where everyone is educated and inspired to excel in service.”

Frances X. Frei

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Planning and Recruiting and UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management, Harvard Business School


Frances Frei is the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Planning and Recruiting and UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management at Harvard Business School. Professor Frei focuses her research and teaching on helping leaders to compete on excellence by designing, managing, and scaling exceptional service organizations. Professor Frei’s ideas have influenced leaders on the frontlines of building the global economy and shaped the strategies of the world’s most competitive companies. She is the co-­author of the bestselling book, Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business (Harvard Business Review Press).

A legend in the MBA and Executive Education classrooms, Professor Frei is widely recognized for her dynamic teaching style. She recently designed and led the new curriculum at HBS, which incorporates an experiential learning model that transforms the student experience at Harvard. In addition, her course on service management is among the most popular offerings in the school’s recent history. In her role as Senior Associated Dean she is now working to unleash a new generation of global thought leaders.

Professor Frei has received multiple teaching awards at each institution she has taught, including HBS and Wharton. She has published countless articles on leadership, strategy and service design in Harvard Business Review, Management Science, and other top-­‐tier business journals, including the classic article, "The Four Things a Service Business Must Get Right" (HBR, 2008) and the groundbreaking article, "Stop Holding Yourself Back" (HBR, 2011). In addition, she has published dozens of case studies across a variety of industries, including financial services, government, retail, software, telecommunications, and travel & leisure.

A highly sought-after speaker and advisor, Professor Frei brings a level of wisdom and authenticity to conversation that compels audiences to action. Her core beliefs – including the idea that organizations must dare to be deliberately bad in strategic areas in order to thrive in others – permanently change the way business leaders think about competition and the company/customer relationship. She is celebrated for her ability to engage audiences and give organizations the insight and tools to dramatically improve performance.

Frances’ passion for transforming organizations comes from more than 20 years studying, teaching and helping leaders to build outstanding service firms. She received her Ph.D. in Operations and Information Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds an M.E. in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bob Kelleher

President and Founder, The Employee Engagement Group


Bob Kelleher is the author of the best selling books, Louder Than Words – 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps...that Drive Results (Amazon’s top selling employee engagement book in 2011-2012), Creativeship, A Novel for Evolving Leaders. In December, 2013, Bob released Employee Engagement for Dummies for Wiley and Sons’ publishers.

Bob is also a noted speaker, thought leader, and consultant on the subjects of employee engagement, workforce trends, and leadership. Bob is the founder of The Employee Engagement Group, ( Before opening his own consulting business, Bob was the Chief Human Capital Officer for AECOM, a Fortune 500 global professional services firm, with 45,000 employees located in 450 offices throughout the world.

Before joining AECOM in 2005, Bob worked for ENSR as Executive Vice President of Organizational Development, and Chief Operating Officer. While at AECOM and ENSR, Bob spearheaded award winning employee engagement programs and initiatives.

Anthony Pannozzo

Principal, Experience Design & Innovation


As the leader of Continuum’s global Experience Design line of business, Anthony brings passion and creativity to addressing the growth challenges of the world’s leading companies. He helps organizations achieve their goals by helping them define the ideal experiences their customers demand and by identifying, validating, and envisioning new growth opportunities. He has over 20 years of experience creating value at the intersection of customer insight, technology application, and business viability.

At Continuum, Anthony has led customer experience and whitespace initiatives for some of the world’s most admired companies, such as American Express and Herman Miller. He has lectured and published extensively on the challenges of leading with technology, creating an employee culture of innovation, and opportunities for growth in emerging markets.

Prior to Continuum, Anthony was on the Leadership Team at Herbst LaZar Bell, where he directed design on the East Coast and co-developed the Design Strategy Practice. Anthony earned an BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design; he also studied economics at Brown University. Anthony is a current member of the Kellogg School of Management’s MMM Program’s external advisory board. From 2004 to 2006, he served on the Board of Directors of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

Joseph M. Bergman

Vice President & General Manager, North America Service, Industrial Technologies


Joseph M. Bergman has executive responsibility for $500M Industrial Technologies sales and service business in North America. Industrial Technologies includes air compressors, tools, fluid pumps and material handling equipment for industrial applications, represented in the market primarily under the Ingersoll Rand brand name.

Bergman guides 750 sales and service employees in efforts to sell and distribute Ingersoll Rand industrial products to manufacturers, food processing, oil & gas, power generation, chemical, and light industrial clients. He and his team play an integral role in helping clients optimize the efficiency and reliability of their mechanical systems, and is responsible for the overall growth and profit of the business.

Bergman is a transformational leader with extensive experience in general management, aftermarket and retail businesses. He spent the last several years inspiring profitable growth and change in the Thermo King and Trane commercial and residential aftermarket parts and supply businesses.

Renee Cacchillo

Vice President, Service Delivery


Renee Cacchillo joined Safelite AutoGlass® as Vice President of Service Delivery in August 2011. In this role, she focuses on delivering Safelite’s vision and business goals by driving performance in the areas of customer service and labor management, partnering closely with many of business units to establish Safelite® as a world-class service organization. In addition, she will work closely with other Safelite® leaders and their teams to implement cross-functional projects that are geared toward strengthening our operational performance.

With more than 20 years of experience, Renee brings a wealth of experience, best-practice knowledge and a proven track record of success around improving the customer experience. Her background includes delivering results in fast-paced, consumer-focused businesses such as Bob Evans and Mimi’s Café Restaurants, Bath & Body Works/Limited Brands, Hallmark and Dillard’s Department Stores. She also has more than 5 years of experience at Accenture in leading large scale system implementations as well as in change management.

Renee earned her M.B.A. and B.S. from the University of Kansas. She is a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Briana Colstad

Business Improvement Consultant


Briana Colstad is a Business Improvement Consultant at Alliant Energy, a Midwest energy company that provides electric and natural gas to customers throughout Iowa and Wisconsin. In this role she focuses on best practices to maximize the efficiencies of the field workforce. In 2010, Briana was presented with the opportunity to join a team to develop and deliver ClickSoftware as a Workforce Management solution to over 1,000 technicians, managers, and office administrators. Establishing new business processes, training a not-so-computer-savvy workforce, avoiding union grievances, and overcoming a negative perception were just some of the hurdles that Briana and her team were challenged with. After successfully finishing deployment in February 2014, Briana is now focused on system stabilization which includes: analyzing KPI’s, evaluating the new processes put in place, and ensuring that the system is performing to meet business needs.

Jay Dietz

Senior Vice President, Service


Jay started his career with KONE in 1990. He progressed through sales and sales management roles prior to 1995, when he assumed P&L responsibilities in the Quad Cities Branch. He subsequently led the Cleveland and Miami Branch Offices, prior to his promotion to Regional Service Director in 2001.

In late 2003, Jay assumed responsibility for U.S. Service Operations. In 2008, he was also charged with leading Service Operations in Canada and Mexico. In 2010, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Operations. In this role he was responsible for all field operations within our new equipment, modernization and service businesses. He was also responsible for our Quality, Technical Services, and Technical Training and Support functions.

In late 2011, the KONE was reorganized around business line, and Jay assumed responsibility for our Service Business in the Americas. In this role he is responsible for all service sales and field operations across the America, and continues to be responsible for our Quality, Technical Services, and Technical Training and Support functions. Jay graduated from the University of Iowa. He lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife (Lori), and two children (Claire and Jack).

Wayne Dowty

Director of Service, Americas


Wayne supports the continued development of functional competence and expertise related to service operations (which includes maintenance, non-quoted repair and quoted repair operations). He has full accountability for the Budgets for Service and acts as an interface with global functional leaders of service. Wayne also prioritizes key global service operations initiatives, ensures local requirements and support are included/provided in global service operations initiatives. Other responsibilities include:

  • Develops and prioritizes local (area) service operations initiatives. Supports the execution of service operations initiatives and strategy in each North American Region.
  • Collaborates, creates plans, processes, and programs to deliver specific service operations initiatives and provides ongoing support to the frontline business.
  • Contributes to the creation and execution of the organization's vision, values and strategy.

Chris Gera

Vice President, Field Service


Chris Gera is the Vice President of Field Service at Vivint Inc., the largest home automation company in North America. In this role, Chris is responsible for leading Vivint’s field service professionals and directing the software and infrastructure needed to support them. His responsibilities include training, scheduling, licensing, safety procedures, installation, and service execution, all focused on providing a world class client experience.

Before joining Vivint, Chris worked with Nielsen in a variety of roles and positions. Chris served as the company’s Vice President of Field Operations for more than six years and was in charge of 56 research panels and 700+ employees. In this position he was directly responsible for client deliverables, client problem resolution, strategic planning, financial management, and efficiency-related improvements in the company. Chris also served as Nielsen’s Vice President of Field Information and Support Services for an additional six years and then as Global Strategic Program Leader during his last year at the company. In his most recent role, Chris defined an innovative digital and technology strategy for Nielsen and executed transformative changes in company operations supporting 15,000 associates in 108 different countries.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ohio University.

Mark Groveunder

Vice President, Customer Service


Mark Groveunder is responsible for all contact centers, repair operations, logistics, as well as web and IT strategies within the Pan-America Region for customers who purchased Acer Group branded products (Acer, Gateway, eMachines and Packard-Bell). In addition to his regional role Mark also serves on a global team that sets and manages customer service strategic initiatives for Acer. Mark’s role on this team is creating and guiding strategic direction for customer-facing functions including contact centers, self-service and web strategies. Mark has worked for more than 30 years in the high tech industry in various areas including contact centers, customer service operations, product management, business unit leadership, and web strategies.

Ed Klosterman

Director of Field Service Operations


Ed Klosterman is Director of Field Service Operations for bioMérieux: a leading Medical Device Manufacture. With an undergraduate degree in business, he is finishing his MBA at Webster University. Ed is a standout leader that has directed high performing teams built for achievement and agility and consistently exceeding corporate goals, all while guiding an industry recognized customer support operation. With greater than 20 years of experience in the global medical diagnostic service industry, Ed has been able to create new service offerings to drive revenue while producing industry leading customer satisfaction. On a personal level, Ed sits on the board for the Boys and Girls Club and is active with community outreach speaking at high schools about careers in biotech.

Julie M. Larsen

Vice President, eServices


Julie Larsen joined EMC in August 2009 to assume the newly created role of Vice President, eServices, within EMC’s Customer Support Services organization. She leads an organization that will further move EMC towards a web-based support paradigm that creates an innovative, powerful channel for customers to more efficiently resolve their issues.

Her responsibilities include setting direction and furthering EMC’s investment in eServices, which includes development of a new technology platform and the design and development of accessible, actionable online customer support capabilities. Under Larsen’s leadership, EMC has won placement on the Association of Support ProfessionalsTen Best Web Support Sites list in 2009 and 2013.

Larsen has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology, engineering, operations, and support disciplines, with an emphasis on strategic planning, business process, engineering, and operational controls.

Prior to EMC, Larsen spent 9 years at Cisco Systems, most recently as Senior Director, Technical Support Web and Collaborative Technologies. In that role, she was responsible for transforming Cisco’s Self-Service Technical Support Website, including developing and executing a business strategy for market penetration with a focus on Web-based interaction and Web 2.0 collaborative technologies, and leading the development and integration of an emerging countries platform.

Larsen pursued her MBA studies at Rutgers University and has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Computer Science.

Jeff Massey

Senior Director, Field Operations


Jeff Massey is currently the Senior Director of Field Service Operations for the North American Healthcare Service group at the STERIS Corporation. STERIS is a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies, and more. STERIS has a large field service workforce in North America focused on supporting Healthcare and Life Science Customers.

Jeff is a CPA and earned his MBA in Operations Management from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Jeff’s current responsibilities include the development and execution of the service operating plan. He also leads several field support functions to enable the field service teams to achieve Customer satisfaction, revenue & operating income targets. These support functions include contract renewals, warranty conversions, remote monitoring, service business systems, service quality, service training, knowledge management and service operations. Jeff is also responsible for establishing metrics and overseeing the development of service metrics/dashboards and other decision support systems.

Sherri McDaniel



As President of ATEK Access Technologies, Sherri is passionate about developing strong leadership teams, growing their skills and inspiring them to turn strategic initiatives into results that exceed customer expectations. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and more than 20 years of success in the high tech process instrumentation industry, Sherri knows how to harness the power of technology and teamwork. When she’s not focused on helping ATEK customers achieve their goals, she enjoys watching her three kids challenge themselves with their various pursuits, which span everything from theater and dance to lacrosse and snowboarding.

Rajiv Mehta

Senior Vice President, Customer Service Division


Rajiv Mehta currently serves as the Vice President of Service Operations for Samsung Electronics America.

Mehta is responsible for leading all aspects of Service Operations for the US which includes Call Center Operations, Strategic Accounts, Service Planning & Strategy, Product Support, Field Service, B2B Service, Quality, Service Marketing, Training and Returns Management.

James Mylett

Senior Vice President, Service


James Mylett is the Sr. Vice President for Service at Comfort Systems USA, a leading provider of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and building automation services. With more than 85 locations nationwide, Comfort Systems delivers high quality engineering, design, installation, energy assessment, and repair and maintenance services across the US and in a wide range of customer sectors.

James holds an MBA and has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC service industry. He has led functions and managed businesses across the Americas and is a recognized champion for employee engagement and personal development.

When not working or spending time with his family, James is active in community service, plays competitive soccer, and enjoys time on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Peter Polizzi

Vice President and General Manager


Peter is a 15-year multilingual technology industry veteran with a track record of success in leading, innovating and transforming technically advanced multinational companies. He joined Sonus in 2011 supporting the development of the go-to-market strategy and leads the company’s global services business.

Peter is a self-described idealist, who brings a unique and rare combination of skills to Sonus, including significant international experience, both from headquarter operations and living abroad. A favorite quote is, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” from Alan Kay and he believes that, even though the first one over the wall may get the most wounded; it is the same one that is always remembered.

Prior to Sonus, Peter held positions as:

Senior Director, Worldwide Channels for Avaya, where he led the worldwide technical strategy and operations for the channel and was instrumental in the post-acquisition integration of Nortel Enterprise Solutions;

Senior Director, Motorola Advanced Services post-acquisition of Symbol Technologies, where he led the development and launch of a new global services business across four Motorola companies;

Senior Director, Customer Operations at Symbol Technologies, now a Motorola Solutions company, where he was responsible for the launch of a world-class global shared services network;

Siebel CRM channel operations, where he began his career.

A veteran of the NATO Allied Forces, Peter has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Columbia University and is fluent in four languages. He is an admitted “foodie” who enjoys culinary exploration in his worldwide travels.

Patricia Rash

Vice President of Remote Technical Support & Escalated Support Operations, US


Patricia Rash is Vice President of Remote Technical Support & Escalated Support Operations for US with Xerox Corporation. She joined Xerox in 2006 as a Senior Operations manager for the Midwest service region, where she reported to the VP of the Midwest region and was considered his chief of staff. In 2007 she became a manager in the Xerox Global Services Organization, where her primary focus was to oversee the delivery, implementation, and support teams for the Managed Print Services offering. In January 2009, she was promoted to Vice President North America Customer Support, where she oversaw all first- and second-level customer support teams and managed the Offshore Partner Relationship Team.

Buddy Saucier

Vice President, Service and Security & Fire Operations, North America Building Efficiency


Buddy Saucier is the Vice President, Service and Security & Fire Operations, North America for Johnson Controls, a global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings for more than one million customers.

Buddy has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC service industry. He has led functional and various business teams and is a recognized champion for project management and change management.

When not working or spending time with his family, Buddy is active in community service, plays golf, and enjoys cooking.

Ivin Smith

Vice President, Customer Service and Worldwide Technical Support, Document Messaging Technology


Ivin Smith is Vice President of Customer Service and Worldwide Technical Support Document Messaging Technology for Pitney Bowes.

Ivin Smith joined Pitney Bowes in March 2004. In his present position, Ivin is responsible for an organization comprised of over 900 service professional’s providing operational support, equipment maintenance service and solutions for Production Mail, Production Print and Sortation customers in the U.S. He is also responsible to provide technical & business support as required for Pitney Bowes service organizations worldwide.

Prior to Pitney Bowes, Ivin was employed at Eastman Kodak, Danka Business Systems and Xerox Corporation. He has extensive service background and business experience at all three companies. Smith has been involved in all facets of the service business including engineering, training, manufacturing, project management, strategic planning, and field operations. He has held a number of management and executive positions including District and Regional Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Vice President, and Vice President.

Ivin also had the opportunity to work for NASA for a year on a White House sponsored Executive Exchange program.

Ivin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He has also attended Executive management courses at both Columbia University and the University of Michigan Business Schools.

Toni Stansbury

Senior Director, Strategic & Operations Planning Group


Toni Stansbury is the Sr. Director of the Strategic and Operations Planning Group for Sonifi Solutions. In 2013, Toni was responsible for Sonifi’s Salesforce implementation, which involved integrating or eliminating 17 external systems and migrating 600 users to the Salesforce platform in a 6-month timeframe. Toni has been with Sonifi since 2008, initially leading new product strategy for Sonifi’s hospitality interactive platform. Prior to Sonifi, Toni held a variety of Operational roles at Gateway Computers.

Troy Taylor

Former Worldwide Vice President, Technical Services and Automation Systems


Troy was most recently the Worldwide Vice President, Technical Services and Automation Systems for Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics is a leading provider of high-value diagnostic solutions for the global health care community. Technical Services is the largest Capital equipment service division in the Johnson & Johnson Company, responsible for the technical support of the company’s products and services. With executive responsibility for the organization’s strategic direction, operating performance and marketplace success, Troy had direct responsibility for approximately 700 employees around the world, including Technical Support and Remote Monitoring Centers located in Rochester NY, Strasbourg France, and Singapore, field-based employees in North America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Japan, Latin America and the Asia Pacific countries including India.

As Worldwide Vice President, Troy globalized the organization, introduced the company and the industry to state-of-the-art remote service technology, and converted the mostly cost focus organization into a $300MM profitable business. Troy has been recognized by prestigious organizations such as Franklin Covey for his inclusive leadership style, his ability to build strong executive teams, and his commitment to employee learning and development. He has extensive experience in the capital equipment service industry, having lead service businesses in the Healthcare, Industrial, Energy, and Aerospace sectors and he is credited with demonstrated financial success in start-up, turn-around, and high-growth business environments.

Troy Taylor is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and an MS from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined GE Aerospace Business Group headquarters outside of Philadelphia, where he held several program management assignments working for NASA and the Manned Space Station program. In 1992 he joined GE Industrial Systems and was responsible for the development and commercialization of the company’s new Service business. In 1998 he was promoted to General Manager of GE Industrial Systems Renewal Parts & Instrumentation Services. Troy joined Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics in June of 2004 as Worldwide Vice President and in April 2008, he was given the additional worldwide responsibility for the new Laboratory Automation Systems product line.

Troy is a member of The Executive Leadership Council, the preeminent organization of the top African-American corporate business leaders. As a Founding Board Member of The Caines Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization focused on the health, economic and educational development of the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis (Troy’s ancestral home), Troy was instrumental in establishing collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the J&J Diabetes Foundation. Troy is the father of 2 daughters, an avid collector of original works of art, and serves on the board of several Residential/Commercial Real-estate complexes in Atlanta & Miami.

Carrie Toth

Director, Customer Loyalty & Quality


Carrie Toth is the Director of Customer Loyalty, Building Efficiency, North America for Johnson Controls.

Carrie has over 15 years of experience in customer experience management focused in the electrical industry and building efficiency. She’s held roles in pricing leadership, customer service management, distribution management and business transformation all centered around improving the customer experience, driving cost improvements and achieving growth targets.

Carrie is a member of the Elm Grove Junior Guild and enjoys giving back to her community along with teaching art at the elementary school where her children attend.

Rusty Walther

Vice President, Global Escalation Management


Rusty Walther has spent over 30 years building and leading large, global, technology services teams. Rusty spent a 16-year career in the US Marine Corps building and managing a variety of worldwide IT systems, and departed government service in 1992 as Director of US Marine Corps West Coast Data Center Operations. Over the next several years, Rusty held both operational and executive service leadership positions in some very large Silicon Valley companies like Bay Networks, 3Com, and Nortel. In the heart of the “dot-com” boom, Rusty participated in two start-ups as Vice President of Customer Support, leading both AboveNet Communications and ONI Systems to successful IPO’s and acquisitions by major corporations prior joining Airespace, Inc., a next-generation provider of enterprise-class wireless networking products which was subsequently acquired by Cisco System. Rusty then joined Network Appliance as Senior Vice President of Global Support where he spent five years leading a large, complex, and diverse enterprise support operation for that high-growth data storage and management company. Leaving NetApp early in 2009, Rusty joined 3PAR as its Vice President of Global Service and Support and directed that business to and through huge growth associated with its acquisition and integration into Hewlett Packard. Rusty now leads the Escalation Management teams for Global Support Delivery, and is responsible for all technical and business escalation departments and operations around the world. Rusty resides on his family ranch in Bend, Oregon with his wife Jeannie, and they spend their free time riding their horses, or cruising the Oregon scenic byways on one of their Harley Davidsons.

Kellan Williams

Manager, Customer Insights & Quality


Kellan Graduated from The Ohio State University in 2005 with a BSBA in Operations Management. Since then he’s held various roles at Abercrombie & Fitch, PC Mall, Bath & Bodyworks, LaSenza International and currently Safelite Autoglass. His responsibilities have ranged from Customer Insights and Merchandise Planning roles to his current role as Manager of Customer and Quality Analytics at Safelite. Kellan is currently leading the way in developing ways Safelite can listen to the voice of their customer and use the insights to inform strategic decision making. Through his use of tools like SPSS and Ascribe, Kellan has been successful in creating predictive models and text analytics methods that are being used by Safelite to increase customer satisfaction and drive NPS.

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